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We create software, mobile apps, concepts, brands, video and artwork.
All we need is your spark and vision.

Who Are We

We are a group of subject matter experts hailing from design studios, marketing companies, IT Software shops, Telecom companies and even the odd Silicon Valley startup.

What we bring to the table are fresh ideas, flexibility award winning gymnasts would be proud of and a perpetual drive to create unique experiences.

Who Are We…. NOT?

We’re not an “Agency” or a “Studio“. We do not work in an exposed brick condo loft atop a trendy coffee shop. We don’t wear sandals most days nor adorn T-Shirts with Fish on them.

We completely understand the issues impacting small business, cash flow, risk and that uneasy feeling in the pit of the stomach every time you buy something for your business on your own dime. We don’t price ourselves like everyone else.


Our range of services and expertise is perhaps too wide ranging to describe but we certainly give it a shot below. Excuse the lengthy verbiage we tried hard to keep it brief. 

Design & Craft

Graphic Design
Post Production
Logo & Company Reveals and Shorts
Sound & Music
Original Composition
UX Design
UI Design
Mobile UX Design
Art Direction
Accessibility & Usability


Mobile Apps (iOS & Android) Design & Development
Custom Software and Web Application Development
Website Design & Development
Full Stack Frameworks (MEAN Stack; Meteor, Sails JS, Express JS and others)
Native and Embedded Applications
System Integration
ERP Development & Implementation (IQMS, SAP, Infor Lx, BPCS)
Business Intelligence
Big Data & Hadoop


Visual Design
Brand Analysis & Strategy
Process & Exploration
Copy Writing
A/B Split Testing
Brand Bible
Graphics & Logo Design
Competitive Analysis
Print & Digital Advertising Strategy

Professional Services

Full Stack Project & Program Management
SCRUM coaches and masters
Agile & Waterfall SDLC Expertise
Solution Architects
Onshore and Offshore Developers
System Admins
Database Architects and Admins
SMEs in Telecoms, ERP, IoT, CRM & Banking
Mobile App Developers
Big Data Analytics


Dedicated Servers
Scalable Virtual cloud infrastructure
Geo Redundancy
Edge Servers
Super High Availability and High Resiliency Clusters
PCI 3.1 and HIPAA Compliant
On Demand Virtualization
Load Balancing
Scalable Object Storage
24/7/365 application monitoring
DevOps Automation
Up to 99.999% availability

Strategy & Investment

Opportunity Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Branding Discovery
Production Planning
Angel Investment Services
IP Protection expertise


Whether you’re prototyping an idea, kicking off a new website or redesigning an existing application we make sure it will look beautiful on any device.

From Establishing to Established

If you're looking to expand into the mobile app space and get hives whenever you ask for a quote drop us a line, we may just impress (or be at least a little less itchy)

Test the waters

Get from A to P(ublished) in record time. We can create working mobile and desktop app prototypes in days and weeks not months and years.

Squint for success

Capture time - get your name and products where products hath not been before. We support most wearables now,


We’ve had the pleasure to work with the following companies. Big and small.

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